Attractive map of the continent.Map shows the continent with two sources of the Nile. It shows the classic source in the twin lakes of Zaire and Zaflan, and also a northern source with the notation "Niles head according to Ludolfus". Monomotapa's Kingdom is in central South Africa.Very good hand colour.Decorative cartouche.V.good condition.

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Cartographer : Edward

Date : 1705 London

Size : 37.5*50cms

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Edward Wells (1667-1727) authored "A New Sett Of Mapps Of Ancient And Present Geography ..." in 1700.

Wells was a teacher of mathematics and geography at Christchurch College, Oxford University. He compiled the "New Sett Of Mapps" notable for the parallel maps of classical and contemporary geography.

The maps are all dedicated to the eleven year old William, Duke of Gloucester, a student of his at Oxford at the time, whose mother later became Queen Anne. Unfortunately, all seventeen of her children, including William, predeceased her.

The maps are very much intended as a tool in teaching geography, with less emphasis on, and requirement for, great geographical detail. The maps, engraved in the main by Michael Burghers, the engraver to the University of Oxford, have an unsophisticated charm, which makes them very popular with modern collectors.