Attractive map of the European idea of central / interior Africa at the beginning of the Eighteenth century. Mountains of the moon as the source of the Nile.

Interesting Geographical errors ..The Niger River doesn't make it to the sea.

Cartouche with natives riding elephant, lions and palms.

Published in "Natitia Orbis antiqui Sive Geographia Plenior"

Rare inso faras Full excellent original colour

Very good condition.

code : M3627

Cartographer : CELLARIUS Andreas

Date : 1706 Amsterdam

Size : 21*31 cms

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Andreas Cellarius was a German-Dutch mathematician and cosmographer best known to cartographers and astronomers for the Harmonia Macrocosmica, first published in 1660. The plates from this cosmographical atlas are among the most artistically designed and elaborately engraved celestial charts of any period.

Recent research has revealed Cellarius was born around the year 1596 in Neuhausen, a small town near Worms, and studied at Sapierzkolleg in Heidelberg, before enrolling as a student at the University of Heidelberg in 1614. He moved to Holland, where he was to marry, and he died in February/March of 1665