Attractive small map with much detail. There is printed smaller print notes on.. for example St Helena ..Discovered in 1502 by Jean De Vova, The English have a fort here..

The Nile is correctly shown with its origins in Abyssinia. A large Lac de Zaire appears just below the Equator as the source of the Zaire River.

Original outline colour. Decorative cartouche.

Mint condition.

Publication: Le nouveau et curieaux Atlas Geographique et Historique

code : M3739

Cartographer : CHIQUET Jacques

Date : 1719 France

Size : 16.5*22.5 cms

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1673 - 1721

French cartographer. He only published two work: a small atlas, called Le Nouveau et Curieux Atlas Geographique et Historique and an atlas of France called Noveau Atlas Francais. Both were published in 1719.

Chiquet died shortly after publishing these atlases consequently his works are rare.