Full Title : Africae Dei Mater ... Alicubi Nota & haec ibidem Benificia 1699,

Attractive and very decorative Africa map.

Sherer prepared the map for his Atlas Novus exhibens Orbem Terraqueum ...

The atlas was unique in that it had a theme-centered on Catholicism. It was published in three parts between 1702 and 1710, with this map appearing in the third part.The religious theme on this map is exemplified by the vignette, which includes a Jesuit with a cross on his clothing and an African behind him, both of whom are kneeling below Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms. The ship in the southern Atlantic is flying the Jesuit standard. In order to accommodate the elaborate vignette, Scherer extended the map westwards to include the Caribbean Islands and most of Brazil.The map depicts Scherer's own, somewhat unusual view of the geography of Africa, although he does follow the Ptolemaic tradition with the Nile's source in the large southern lakes.

Excellent hand colour

Repair in lower margin not affecting the map.

Very good condition

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Cartographer : Scherer Heinrich

Date : 1699 Munich

Size : 23*35 cms

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Heinrich Scherer (1628-1704) was a Jesuit, geographer, and professor of mathematics in Munich. His "Atlas Novus", published in eight volumes from 1702-1710, was an unusual publication featuring maps of all areas of the known world, indicating their religious tendencies with an emphasis on promulgating the Catholic church and faith