Attractive rare map of the Southeast Asia and the East Indies illustrating how very little was actually known of the region in the sixteenth century. Beautifully engraved by G. Porro, the map is based on Gastaldi's 1548 map. The Malaysian Peninsula is distorted and Sumatra is a huge triangular shaped island. The Cebu and Mindanao lie to the east of Luzon in the Philippines, and a misshapen Borneo is named Iava Menor (Java Minor). The famous Spice Islands are unrecognizable save for several names such as Ambom (Ambon) and Tereneta (Ternate). On a full sheet (8 x 11.5") of Italian text.

Stippled sea .

Very good.. Mint condition

Ref: King (2nd ed.) pp. 57-59.

code : M3470

Cartographer : PORCACCHI Tomaso

Date : 1572

Size : 10.5*14.5 cms

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