Attractive early map of south east Asia, covering modern day India, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, and parts of the Persian empire, China, Indonesia, and New Guinea. In the bottom right corner of the map, a note on New Guinea describes it as being either an island, or a part of the unknown southern continent of Terra Australis. In the top right corner of the map, the westernmost reaches of North America can be seen.

Set in a page of Italian Text.

Title above map

Many place names

Good hand colour

Engraved by Porro

Very good condition.

code : M4136

Cartographer : MAGINI Giovanni

Date : 1600c Padua

Size : 13.5*17.5 cms

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Giovanni Antonio Magini (1555-1617) was born in Padua, Italy, and studied medicine, mathematics, astronomy and philosophy at the University of Bologna where he was later to become a professor of astronomy. He corresponded with many of the renowned figures of the age including Ortelius, Tycho Brahe, Galileo and Johanes Kepler. He authored various works on astronomy and also produced the first printed atlas of Italy, which was published posthumously by his son Fabio. Other works included the "Geographiae Universiae" (1597) and "Moderne Tavole Di Geografia" amongst others.