Rare Detailed plan of Aberdeen

Made after the Reform Act of 1932

The Scottish plans were larger copper engravings and are quite rare.

This map has some original outline colour

Offsetting ( as is also the House of Commons copy)

Repaired tear otherwise good condition for this rare map

The Electoral Reform Act of 1832 redrew the electoral constituency boundaries of Britain and, in necessitating newly prepared town plans, produced detailed plans of many areas not previously available. The Reform Act recognised the great expansion of certain, particularly midland and northern, towns in the wake of the Industrial Revolution and the discrepancies of "Rotten Boroughs" and allowed for a far more democratic representation in Parliament. Lt R.K.Dawson, Assistant Tithe Commissioner and a surveyor, was charged with producing maps to accompany the Parliamentary Reports printed and published by James and Luke Hansard.

The Scottish town plans from the Parliamentary Reports were published as described above. However, these maps and plans were printed from copperplate engravings and many are at the very large scale of about six inches to one mile.


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Cartographer : ANON

Date : 1832 London

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