Attractive and decorative original allegorical Antique Map of Surrey & Sussex for the Poly-Olbion. Engraved by William Hole.

The book contained 30 songs (poems) about various regions in England and Wales, each describing the region’s topography, history and traditions, along with 18 illustrative maps. These charming maps, which were engraved by William Hole, are very distinctive as they show very few towns but instead highlight geographic features such as rivers, hills and forests. His maps are decorated with allegorical images of Goddesses, water nymphs and hunters. This example shows the cities of London, Arundel, Chichester and Hastings as well as the royal palaces of Hampton Court, Westminster and Richmond.

Excellent hand colour

Very good condition

code : M4875

Cartographer : Drayton Michael

Date : 1613

Size : 26*34 cms

availability : Available

Price : £450

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