Rare and charming map of Normandy by Montecalerio. This is the rarer seventeenth century map and larger than the later 1712 edition

The Atlas was made by the Capucin order.

Decorative cartouche with shell and a mile bar

This very rare map is in excellent condition.

Publication from the rare atlas of the Capucin order: "Chorographica descriptio provinciarum, et conventum fratrum minorum S. Francisci Capucinorum…".

The atlas contained maps of the Capuchin provinces had been initiated in manuscript form by the Minister General of the Order, Father Silvestro da Panicale in 1632 and was to serve as a geographical aid for general visits. At his death the successor Father Giovanni di Montecaliero, to whom the authorship of the maps is often erroneously attributed, commissioned Fr. Massimino da Guechen to continue the work. The engravers were Massimino da Guechen, Bernardino Burdigalensis and Ludovico Monteregali.

The first edition was printed in Rome in 1643,. The work visually showed the spread of the order.

code : M4621

Cartographer : ANON

Date : 1643 Rome

Size : 22.5*32.5 cms

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Price : £195

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