Stunning map of Crete with panorama of Heraklion running across the bottom of map.

Seutter is renowned for his detailed plans and prospects of cities which appeared in his "Atlas Novus".

Decorative title cartouche . The vignette shows a Janissary overseeing 2 Turkish sailors loading cargo; grapes and wine barrels adorn the pedestal; in the background a large sailing ship and on the mountains a herd of Kri-Kri the indiginous capricorn of Crete. Text next to Santorini detailing the volcanic eruption of 1707.

Below is a panaromic view of Iraklion, black & white as issued.

Good strong impression. 2 small light brown ink spots top centre.

Original colour

Excellent overall condition for the most attractive map of Crete

code : M3792

Cartographer : SEUTTER Family

Date : 1740 Augsberg

Size : 50*56 cms

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Besides the Homanns, the other great German publishers of the eighteenth century were the Seutter family. Mattheus Seutter the elder (1678-1757) was apprenticed to Johann Baptist Homann in 1697 in Nuremberg, but left to settle in Augsburg where he established his own business publishing atlases, including the "Atlas Geographicus" (1725) and "Grosser Atlas" (circa 1735). Seutter's style was heavily influenced by Homann, with distinctive similarities appearing in his maps. He was joined in the business by his son, Albrecht (1722-1762), who continued the firm in partnership with Tobias Conrad Lotter (1717-1777) on his father's death.