Very rare woodcut view of Venice.There were 2/3 printings of Saurs' maps originally printed in 1595 with the woodcuts by Abraham Saur published by N. Basse.Later printed in in "Parvum Theatrum Urbium sive Urbium Praecipuarum totius orbis Brevis & Methodica Descriptio" by Adrianus Romanus printed 1608 in Frankfurt.Uncoloured as issued. Very good condition. Bachmann 14. Fauser I, LXIV SOLD

code : M1823

Cartographer : SAUR Abraham

Date : 90/ 1590/+ Frankfurt

Size : 8.5*11cms

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Abraham Saur (*1545 - †1593)

Abraham Saur, a German lawyer and historian, born 1545 in Frankenberg. He was author of several legal book, but also of the city book "Theatrum Urbium". He died in 1593.