Attractive map of Italy by Van Der Aa but reissued here by Covens & Mortier. Verry detailed map, with many place names rivers etc named.

Decorative cartouche

Original outline colour. Printed on heavy paper.

Mint condition.

code : M3081

Cartographer : COVENS & MORTIER

Date : 1730c Amsterdam

Size : 23*30 cms

availability : Available

Price : £120

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The Amsterdam publishing firm of Covens and Mortier (1721 - c. 1862) was the successor to the extensive publishing empire build by Frenchman Pierre Mortier (1661 - 1711). Upon Mortier's death in 1711 his firm was taken over by his son, Cornelius Mortier (1699 - 1783). Cornelius married the sister of Johannes Covens (1697 - 1774) in 1721 and, partnering with his brother in law, established the Covens and Mortier firm. Under the Covens and Mortier imprint, Cornelius and Pierre republished the works of the great 17th and early 18th century cartographers De L'Isle, Allard, Jansson, De Wit, and Ottens among others. The quickly became one of the largest and most prolific Dutch publishing concerns of the 18th century