Rare woodcut view of Istanbul (Constantinople). From "Parvum Theatrum Urbium sive Urbium Praecipuarum totius orbis Brevis & Methodica Descriptio" by Adrianus Romanus printed 1608 in Frankfurt. First printed 1595 but this edition later,with the same woodcuts by Abraham Saur published by N. Basse. Bachmann 14. Fauser I, LXIV

code : M1888

Cartographer : SAUR Abraham

Date : 90/ 1595/+ Frankfurt

Size : 7.5*9.5cms

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Abraham Saur (*1545 - †1593)

Abraham Saur, a German lawyer and historian, born 1545 in Frankenberg. He was author of several legal book, but also of the city book "Theatrum Urbium". He died in 1593.