Superb Rare very large map of the Russian Empire.

Full Title:The European Part of the Russian Empire, from Maps Published by the Imperial Academy at St. Petersburg, with the New Provinces on the Black Sea. - The Asiatic Part of the Russian Empire from the Maps Published by the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg, with the New Discoveries of Captian Cook & co.

Extends from the North Sea and the Black Sea eastward as far as Siberia and the Behring Strait. Extends south to China and the Aral Sea and north to include the island of Nova Zembla and the Arctic. Color coded according to region with Russia in Europe toned in reds and pinks, and Russia in Asia in yellows and greens. This map is most interesting in its extreme eastern portions, which, when this map was drawn, had only recently been explored. The explorations of Vitus Behring are very much in evidence with regard to the form of Kamtschatka and the extreme northeast of Siberia. Shows nautical routes from Okotskoi Ostrog, in Siberia, ccross the Sea of Okotsk to Kamtschatka and the Kuril Islands. Sakhalin is curiously divided into two separate islands. Hokkaido appears as Matmay or Atkis.

Identifies Behring Island off the coast of Kamtschatka, where the great Arctic navigator ultimately met his doom.

Original Colour.

Very good condition.

Ref: Rumsey, 0411.027. Phillips (Atlases) 4300, 699, 4293 (sayer). Shirley, R., Maps in the atlases of the British Library, T.LAU-1c (1799 ed.). National Maritime Museum, 375 (3rd ed. 1801).

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Cartographer : LAURIE & WHITTLE

Date : 1794 london

Size : 130*48.5cms

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