Very attractive World Map in hemispheres by John Cary.

Extra large / Wall World Map size.

Shows routes of all the latest discoveries Cook,La Perouse Vancouver etc.

The Northwest Coast of America is well charted, but still with large unknown areas. The Sandwich Islands have been visited by a number of explorers. New Zealand is prominently shown as two islands. The Western Pacific is dotted with recently explored islands tracks of exploration. Australia's coastline is still inaccurately depicted.

With very good full original colour.

Very good condition.

code : M2328

Cartographer : CARY John

Date : 1799 London

Size : 50*90cms

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John Cary (1755-1835) was a renowned and active map engraver and publisher, working between 1787 and 1834 in London. Cary’s publications did much to advance the quality and clarity of data presentation on maps. His county maps for Richard Gough’s edition of Camden’s Britannia in 1789 evidenced much improved hachuring (shading to show land relief and physical features) when compared with earlier examples – Cary’s hachuring was much less overbearing than that used by other mapmakers at this time and did not obscure map data.