Carta Hydrographica oder Algemeine Welt und Commercien Carte


Attractive small world map.This shows the landmasses of the World on a Mercator projection, with the title contained within a panel. Decorative scrollwork above and decorative panels to either side and below categorising the land divisions. Original outline colour defines the landmasses, with an extraordinary depiction of California as an island and a vast southern land postulated, here called Lænder des Sud Pols. Scarce.V.Good


code : M36

Cartographer : BODENEHR Gabriel

Date : 1704 Augsburg

Size : 15*23

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German engraver and mapmaker of Augsburg. Son of Johann Georg Bodenehr [1631-1704] & from a family dynasty of engravers and publishers.

His works include Atlas Curieux [1704] and Curioser Staats und Kriegs Theatrum [1715].

In 1717 the family took over the Augsburg publishing house of Stridbeck. Succeeded by his son Gabriel the younger.