Attractive hemisphere World map .. a very good example of Chiquet's 1720 double hemisphere map from his Nouveau et Curieux Atlas.…

California is shown as an Island. Australia and New Zealand are only partially shown (based upon Tasman's discoveries), with a massive Terres Australes (unknown southern continent) located. The Northwest Coast of America is similarly undiscovered.

Perhaps most interesting is the early location of what was then known as the discoveries of Juan de Gama shown as a nearly complete land bridge between Asia and America, In the 1730s and 1740s, De Gama Land was a source of intellectual debate, not as to its existence, but its exact location, with such important explorers as De L'Isle, de la Croyere and Chiricow each opining as to its location.

Original colour and wash colour

Very good condition

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Cartographer : CHIQUET Jacques

Date : 1720c Paris

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1673 - 1721

French cartographer. He only published two work: a small atlas, called Le Nouveau et Curieux Atlas Geographique et Historique and an atlas of France called Noveau Atlas Francais. Both were published in 1719.

Chiquet died shortly after publishing these atlases consequently his works are rare.