Interesting map of the region bounded by Australia, the Marinanas and the South Pacific from Thomson's New General Atlas. Focuses on the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, and including some area north and south of the tropics. Shows the Hawaiian Islands (Sandwich Islands), Society Islands, Solomon Islands, Caroline Islands, New Hebrides, Friendly Islands, the eastern part of New Guinea, and the coast of New South Wales, Australia. Insets of Owhynee (Big Island of Hawai'i), Karakakooa Bay, Otaheite (Tahiti), and Matavia Bay. Excellent detail along the coast of Australia and New Guinea as well. A nice example of this map printed on heavy paper with wide margins. One of the few early 19th Century large format commercial atlas maps to treat this area.

Small repair on reverse otherwise good condition.

code : M2494

Cartographer : John Thomson

Date : 1810 London

Size : 50*60cms

availability : Available

Price : £150

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flourised 1814-1869

John Thomson produced two major works in his life time, A New General atlas of the World 1814-28 and Atlas of Scotland 1820-32. The maps from A New General atlas of the World were printed in full hand coloring from large copperplate engravings. The level of detail at the time of publication was heralded as a breakthrough in British cartography and Thomson rightly earned a great deal of attention and his work copied for a number of years