Antique Maps and Antique Prints By Michael Jennings

We are pleased to offer a broad range of genuine antique maps and prints from the 15th to 19th century. With over 35 years in the Antique Maps Trade I can always help with any information you might need.

Our large selection of maps covers the Americas, North America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, British Isles ,London, The Pacific and Maps of the World. We also specialise in town plans and views.

We specialise in all the leading cartographers from Mercator, Ortelius, Blaeu, Munster, Homann etc and all the other important mapmakers from Aa to Zatta.

Our selection of antique prints includes decorative prints of birds, flowers and animals. We also specialise in prints of Egypt, architecture and marine.

A large selection of our maps can be seen each year at the prestigious London Map Fair at the Royal Geographical Society, where most of the world's leading map dealers exhibit. Visitors and residents to the Riviera are welcome to visit my showroom by appointment, please contact in advance

All our antique maps and prints are genuine, we do not sell reproductions and each antique map or print is sent with a certificate of authenticity.

Buy with confidence. You can return any purchases within 10 days, without giving a reason, providing you pay for insured return.

Upcoming news, information on my antique maps and my expeditions to some of the countries I sell maps of, can be seen Here

Featured Map


  • 1570c Basel


Featured Collection

1596 Cologne
Mediterranean & Islands
1640c Amsterdam
British Isles > Wales
1646 Frankfurt
Asia > East Indies/Philipp
1846 London
Middle East > Middle East
1610/ 1627
British Isles > Essex
1636 Amsterdam
British Isles > Cornwall
1743 Nuremberg
Italy > Lombardy & North
1842 /+ London
British Isles > London
1632/ + Amsterdam
Middle East > Near East/Holy Land
1575 Cologne
Italy > Rome & South
1740 Nuremberg
Central America
1846 Dresden
British Isles > London
1658 Paris
Asia > East Indies/Philipp
1598 /+ Basel
British Isles > London
1762 Paris
France > South East