Superb large wall map pf the Ottoman Enmpire.

This grand map shows the extent of the Ottoman Empire with comparisons to the Empires of Alexander the Great and the Romans. It covers the Mediterranean, southern Europe and northern Africa and extends to the Caspian Sea, Persia, and the Arabian peninsula. Below are two insets, one of an area similar to the large map and the other of the Peloponnesian Peninsula (Greece). At sides, tables describe the countries and towns depicted on the maps, together with historical notes on the Empire of Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire. Two sheets joined, as issued.

Excellent hand colour

Near MINT condition.

References: Tibbetts, G.R. #219.

Full Title Carte de l'Empire Othoman Consideree dans les Etats de Cette Puissance, et des Etats qui l'Avoisinent ou qui luy sont Tributaires, Ainsi que Deux Petites Cartes pour Conduire, a l'Histoire Universel et en Particulier a l'Histoire d'Alexandre le Grand" Henry Abraham Chatelai

code : M4832

Cartographer : CHATELAIN Family

Date : 1719

Size : 50.5*121 cms

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Price : £595

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Zacharie Chatelain (d.1723) was the father of Henri Abraham (1684-1743) and Zacharie Junior (1690-1754). They worked as a partnership publishing the Atlas Historique, Ou Nouvelle Introduction A L’Histoire … under several different Chatelain imprints, depending on the Chatelain family partnerships at the time of publication. The atlas was published in seven volumes between 1705 and 1720, with a second edition appearing in 1732. The maps were accompanied by information pertaining to cosmography, geography, history, chronology, genealogy, topography, heraldry, and costume of the world.