RARE Map of London with title along the top, scale bar at top left and statistical note below the map. Down both sides of the map are views of London's prominent buildings and landmarks. Nelson's Column, Westminster Hall, Horse Guard, Buckingham Palace and Burlington Arcade are depicted down the left of the map and the Monument, St Paul's Cathedral, Guildhall, the Royal Exchange, Temple Bar and the Thames Tunnel down the right.

Large map with outline colour / wash colour.

Below is the breakdown of the number of public houses, policemen ,cheesemakers, annual consumpion of pigs & sheep etc.

Although British Library gives date of 1842 The map was probably published circa 1851 as the Census is mentioned.

Not alot is known of G Biggs but he appears to have taken over the publishing of

Leigh’s New Atlas of England and Wales .(London. G Biggs. 1842.)

Very good condition for this rare map of London

Cannot find another anywhere for sale.

code : M3722

Cartographer : ANON

Date : 1842 /+ London

Size : 53*85 cms

availability : Available

Price : £685

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