Full title. Guaiana sive Provinciae intra Rio de las Amazonas atque Rio de Yviapari sive Orinoque.

Scarce and attractive map of The Guianas , Venezeula & Brazil and Fictitious Lake and City of Eldorado.

Map is a collabaration between Gerritsz and De Laet.

Hessel Gerritsz was apprenticed to Blaeu as an engraver before starting his own business. He then was appointed Cartographer to the Dutch East India Company and subsequently held the same position in a newly formed West India Company. Although Gerritsz actually traveled to the area during his voyage to South America and the West Indies undertaken in 1628, this map obviously lacks first-hand knowledge, except along the coastline.

The interior is dominated by the huge lake (Parime Lacus) with the legendary city of El Dorado (Manoa, o el Dorado) on its shores.

The map is beautifully engraved with decorative title and distance scale cartouches and a large compass rose.

Excellent hand colour

Mint condition for this scarce map.


code : M5197

Cartographer : ANON

Date : 1625 Leiden

Size : 28*36 cms sheet 34*41 cms

availability : Available

Price : £395

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