Superb large folio and certainly the finest map of the American south west available in the first part of the Nineteenth century. Original colour.

This finely engraved and attractive map of the Spanish Southwest is from a period of both historical and cartographic significance. The year 1810 had seen the first significant internal threat to Spain's control of Mexico - the Hidalgo Revolt - when the impoverished native population, led by a parish priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, rebelled against the wealth of imperial Spain. Coincident with these events the great scientist and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt had produced his landmark survey of the Mexico region Essai Politique Sur Le Royaume De La Nouvelle-Espagne. Humboldt's map is recognised as one of the finest of the period and was copied by numerous cartographers over the next 30-plus years, notably by Aaron Arrowsmith in London. This map, published within a year of the Humboldt map, is one of the most important from Pinkerton's Modern Atlas and copies much of the original's detail, and is consequently one of the earliest derivatives and one of the most detailed and best depictions of the California coast, New Mexico, Texas and the country south of the Platte River and the Missouri.

At first glance, the map appears similar to Thomson's map, in fact, it is a far rarer and more detailed map than Thomson's map. An essential map for American collectors, and is now very scarce on the market.

Beautiful original colour

Mint Condition

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Cartographer : ANON

Date : 1811

Size : 52*71.5cms

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