Full Title : Mappe Monde Geo-Hydrographique ou descrition Generale du Globe Terrestre et Aquatique en Deux Plans Hemispheres ou sont exactment remarquees en general Toutes les Partes de la Terre et de L'Eau Suivant Relations les Plus Nouvelles.

Very Attractive and scarce 1786 Double Hemispheres map of the World with updated Explorers Voyages, Cook, Clarke & Furneaux.

The map is essentially the 1690 Jaillot map with the tracks of the later voyages added.

Shows the 18th century discoveries including the most recent ones of Captain Cook that provided the information required to complete the mapping of the northwest coastline of North America and the eastern coastlines of Australia and New Zealand. The tracks of Cook's three voyages are traced on the map.

The map depicts a significantly improved coastline for Australia and New Zealand. The Icebergs reported by Cook on his early voyages are located, as are Hawaii and his discoveries along the Northwest Coast of America.

This edition of the map is very rare especially to have Cook's updated information at such an early date.

The decorative elements are the same as the original Jaillot map with the French coat of arms, angels and mermaids embellishing the cartouches.

Flattened fold as issued

Excellent hand colour

Very good condition

code : M4583

Cartographer : Louis Brion de la Tour

Date : 1690 /1786 Paris

Size : 46*65 cms

availability : Available

Price : £1250

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Louis Brion de la Tour (1756-1823) was the Cartographer Royal to the King of France.

There is little information about his life. His official title was "King's Engineer Geographer." Although he is a prolific geographer, very little is currently known of his life or his career. His life was spent in scientific work. However what is known is an important part of his work was done in collaboration with Louis Charles Desnos (1750-1790 to) a bookseller and geographical engineer for the globes and spheres of His Danish Majesty.

His son Louis Brion de la Tour, a pupil of Jean-Bernard Restout, was engraver of maps and documents of the Revolution, and was also an occasional portrait oil paintings.