A very detailed and attractive map by Scherer (1628-1704) a Jesuit, geographer, and professor of mathematics in Munich.

A strongly engraved map filled with towns and pictorial representations of the mountainous topography. Near Guyana, the fictitious lake of Parime is named with the mythical city of Dorado shown upon its shores. A number of ships sail the seas, and the map is decorated with a cartouche showing the bounty of South America, including fat-tailed sheep. The scale of miles is topped with the symbol for the Society of Jesus.

Decorated with Ships inl the seas, and a title cartouche is decorated with cows, sheep, monkeys and a parrot. A finely engraved and uncommon map in very good condition.

Publication: Atlas Novus

Ref: Shirley (BL Atlases) T.SHER-1a #114.

code : M3183

Cartographer : Scherer Heinrich

Date : 1699

Size : 23*36 cms

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Heinrich Scherer (1628-1704) was a Jesuit, geographer, and professor of mathematics in Munich. His "Atlas Novus", published in eight volumes from 1702-1710, was an unusual publication featuring maps of all areas of the known world, indicating their religious tendencies with an emphasis on promulgating the Catholic church and faith