UncommonWorld map. Philipp Cluvers' beautiful double-hemisphere map with the peninsular form for California and a huge Terra Australis Incognita. The corners are decorated with the female representations of the four continents. Tucked between the cusp at bottom is the figure of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders, surrounded by wind heads and fire.

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Cartographer : CLUVER Philipp

Date : 1660c

Size : 16.5*31 cms

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CLUVER, Philipp


Cluver was born in Danzig and after studying at Leyden and Oxford, he became interested in modern and historical geography; his subsequent publications made a wide and influential contribution to knowledge of the subject.

Philip Cluvers Introductonius was a popular geography book, first published in 1624 without maps. There were many editions throughout the 17th and 18th centuries with maps from several sets of plates.