Full Title: L' Asia Nuovamente corretta, et accresciuta, secondo le relationi più moderne da Gugliel Mo Sansone Geografo..

Very attractive detailed and updated and re-engraved map of Asia. The 1650 Sanson map of Asia was re-engraved by Giofgio Widman for this 1677 Rossi edition;

The region north of Japan portrays Hokkaido as a part of a large, boot-shaped peninsula attached to the mainland. The name Ieco, which usually is associated with Hokkaido, is here identified with a large landmass to the east that is separated from the peninsula by the St. d'Vries. Korea is shown as a long thin peninsula in the manner of the Mercator-Hondius version. The Caspian Sea is presented on a more-or-less correct north-south axis, which deviates from Sanson's cartography. There is a spurious system of mountain ranges in the Arabian peninsula. The mythical Chiamay Lake still appears in China. The map is adorned with a fine decorative cartouche.

Excellent hand colour

Printed on heavy paper

Near mint condition.

code : M3744

Cartographer : ROSSI Giovanni

Date : 1677 Rome

Size : 40.5*56 cms

availability : Available

Price : £645

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Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi (1627-1691) was a printer and publisher in Rome, active in the 1680s and 1690s. One of his major atlas publications was the “Mercurio Geografico”, published in about 1690.