Full Title: Le Royaume de Siam Avec les Royaumes qui luy sont Tributaires et les Isles de Sumatra, Andemaon, etc. et les Isles Voisine Avec les Observations des Six Peres Jesuits Envojez par le Roy en Qualite de Ses Mathematiciens dans les Indes et a la Chine ou est aussi Tracee

Stunning and sought after map of Southeast Asia with original outline colour.

Covers the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand), Cambodia, Vietnam, the Malaysian Peninsula, and the islands of Borneo, Sumatra, and Java. Many smaller islands are marked.

Printed in Amsterdam conveniently as the region was the domain of the Dutch East Indies Company (V.O.C.), which made its headquarters in Batavia (Jakarta) on the island of Java.

Ship routes from Batavia to Siam are noted. The map was primarily drawn from the accounts of French Jesuits and the French Embassy that traveled through the Straits of Banca and the Gulf of Siam in 1685-86. Both Amsterdam-based publisher Joachim Ottens and French published Henri Abraham Chatelain copied this bold and exquisitely detailed map for their own publications. On 2 sheets originally joined for Mortiers Le Neptune Francois

Original Outline colour

Very good condition

Puiblication: Mortier's monumental three-part sea-atlas, 'Le Neptune François'. The first part was a counterfeit of a French original (with 'à Paris' in the publication line); the second part, the 'Atlas Maritime' contained charts engraved by Romain de Hooghe, including the famous chart of the Mediterranean; the third, the 'Suite de Neptune François', contained charts from Portuguese sources.

References:KOEMAN: Mor 7; cf. Parry #6.5, p. 177-78; Pastoureau, JAILLOT IF #358

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Cartographer : Pierre Mortier

Date : 1700c Amsterdam

Size : 78*56 cms

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