Rare and finely engraved prospect of St Pauls London with 3 views Front, side and rear.

Architecturally beautifully drawn copper engraving

Persons in foreground for perspective

Excellent condition

Publication.. Lo stato presente di tutti i paesi e popoli del mondo naturale, politico, e morale: con nuove osservazioni e correzioni degli antichi e moderni viaggiatori, Thomas Salmon

code : M4301

Cartographer : Albrizzi Giovani

Date : 1743 Venice

Size : 17*34.5 cms

availability : Available

Price : £120

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Although Venice had been the centre of the European map-trade in the 1550s, its importance had been subsequently eclipsed by Antwerp and then Amsterdam in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. So it was from Amsterdam that Giovanni Battista (Giovambattista) Albrizzi, the Italian, took inspiration for his best-known atlas - the Nieuwe En Beknopte Handatlas ... by Isaak Tirion was translated into Italian and published in Venice by Albrizzi. Albrizzi was also responsible for publishing an edition of Guillaume De L'Isle's atlas as Atlante Novissimo.