Attractive map of European Russia.Decorative cartouche.Original outline colour.Mint condition. SOLD

code : M631

Cartographer : MANNEVILLETTE Jean Baptiste

Date : 900:/001795 Rome

Size : 47.5*34cms

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Jean Baptiste Mannevillette (*1707 - †1780)

"During many subsequent voyages he [Jean Baptiste Nicolas Denis d'Après de Mannevillette] assembled a collection of material for a projected hydrographic atlas which, with the support of Académie des Sciences, was published in Paris in 1745 under the title Le Neptune Oriental. In spite of the popularity of the first issue, it failed to satisfy the author and he spent nearly thirty years, often with the assistance of his friend, Alexander Dalrymple, the English hydrographer, in the preparation of the revised and enlarged edition which eventually was issued in 1775." (Antique Maps, Moreland & Bannister)