Full title: Bruxella fontium epia coeli amoemtate et aedificiorum splendore nobilis..

Copper engraving from Description de touts les Pays-Bas. Amsterdam, 1625. Ludovico Guicciardini was a nobleman from Florence, who lived and worked in the Low Countries, and died at Antwerp in 1589 Heraldic shields. Finely engraved. Excellent hand colour. Very good condition.

code : M2732

Cartographer : GUICCIARDINI Lodovico

Date : 1621 Amsterdam

Size : 24*32cms

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Lodovico Guicciardini (Florence, 19 August 1521-Antwerp, 22 March 1589) was an Italian writer and merchant who lived primarily in Antwerp. His best-known work, the Descrittione di Lodovico Guicciardini patritio fiorentino di tutti i Paesi Bassi altrimenti detti Germania inferiore (1567)-published in English in 1597 as The Description of the Low Countries-was an influential account of the history and the arts of the Low Countries.