Important early map of Australia, only the second published map to show Australia correctly; after Freycinet. Malte-Brun's elegant map is the first commercially printed map to depict the discoveries of the Peron/Freycinet voyage, which was responsible for namig many portions of the South Australian coast (preceded only by the maps from the official report). Some of Flinder's coastal names are included. West of the Blue Mountains, a large lake is dotted-in "according to the natives". Striking title vignette shows an aboriginal walking with a shield, nearby a platypus, wombat & numbat. Malte-Brun's Atlas Complet du Precis de la Geographie Universelle. . . . Malte Brun's maps were very up to date and well researched, meaning that this map includes the most recent discoveries in the Pacific. Mint Condition. References: Tooley, R.V. (Australia) 844; Perry & Prescott 1812.36. SOLD

code : M1880

Cartographer : Ambroise

Date : 9000/ 1812 Paris

Size : 23*30.5cms

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Ambroise Tardieu (1788-1841) was a prominent French cartographer and engraver operating in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Tardieu's work is known for its beauty and accuracy as well as for its depth of detail