Full Title Title: Cust van Andaluzia, En Algarve, Beginnende van Capo de Spichel tot aen het Clif.

Attractive and quite rare Sea Chart of the Algarve coastline. It covers the area from Huelva, Spain, all the way past the Algarve ports of Ayamonte and Faro, around Cape St. Vincent and up as far as Setubal. All major harbours, river estuaries and saltpans are labeled, while the seas are traversed by rhumlines.

By the Dutch cartographer Jacob Theunisz and was included in one of the editions of the Theunisz family’s sea atlas, Zeespiegel, within a volume focusing on western navigation.

Original colour.

Very good - excellent condition.

Theunisz charts are reasonably uncommon.

References: Koeman, Atlantes Neelandici, vol. IV, Jac 33 (32).

code : M3404

Cartographer : THEUNISZ Jacob

Date : 1662 Amsterdam

Size : 42.5*53 cms

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The Theunisz firm of Amsterdam chartmakers was founded by Antonie Jacobz (Theunisz) (c. 1606 – 1650), who issued the first edition of the Zeespiegel in 1644. The enterprise operated under the name “Lootsman” (pilot) in order to avoid confusion with another printing company by the Theunisz name.