Interesting and very detailed set of 5 maps (World, Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia) published by Renouard. A wealth of detail relating to exploration,conquest,commerce and politics printed down each side of maps. The Americas for example shows N.America with pre Texas and California borders and the route of Columbus in 1492 after 33 days of crossing.

These thematic map is very representative of the new style of maps at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The mapmaker discarded all decorative elements in favor of extensive explanation notes, both within the map and in the lengthy text below the chart. It is also unusual for its placement of the western hemisphere on the right. It was engraved by Alexander Moisy.

Original colour.

Good condition.

code : M3091

Cartographer : Renouard.P

Date : 1825c Paris

Size : 51*67 cms

availability : Available

Price : £275

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