Superb large plate from British Game Birds and Waterfowl by Beverley Morris The younger brother of F.O.Morris.Woodblock print with original full hand colouring.Very good condition.

code : P1551

Cartographer : .Giovanni Battista Ramusio

Date : 1855 London

Size : 25*31cms

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Giovanni Battista Ramusio (1485-1557) was an Italian geographer who worked within the Venetian Empire. His father had been a magistrate and he himself served as a civil servant to Venice. He served throughout Europe, allowing him to build up a network of informants and a collection of travel materials. He compiled this information into his enduring masterpiece, Navigationi et Viaggi, in 1550 (first volume) and 1556 (third volume). The second volume appeared after his death in 1559, as the original manuscript had been destroyed by a fire.