A map from the rare Atlas Cartes de Geographie by Pierre Du Val (1619-83) son-in-law of Nicolas Sanson, ( Duval published a wide range of atlases, individual maps of the world and the continents and wall maps but most of the folio maps are rare..All the maps from this edition are revised and updated maps. Rare early map The later edition PAIS BAS is corrected to PAYS BAS.Some 17th Century annotation on map correcting the geographer.Original outline colour.Very good condition. See Van der Heijden, Maps of XVII Provinces, map 156.

code : M1843

Cartographer : DU VAL Pierre

Date : 1676 Paris

Size : 55*42cms

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Pierre Du Val (1619-1683) was one of the most influential and prolific mapmakers and publishers working in Paris in the third quarter of the seventeenth century. He was the nephew of Nicolas Sanson, the leading French mapmaker of the period, and Geographer to the King of France from 1650. He was also responsible for providing maps for other Parisian editors of the period; Jollain, de Fer and Berey amongst others.