Attractive early bird's eye view of Colombo & Galle in Sri Lanka from Mallet's first German edition.

Top is a plan of Colombo and below with a panoramic city view of the city Gale (Die Stadt Galle), decorated with ships and figures in the foreground.

Good hand colour

very good condition.

code : M3894

Cartographer : Mallet Alain

Date : 1686

Size : 15*11 cms

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Price : £55

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Alain Manesson Mallet (1630-1706) was a French cartographer and engineer.

He started his career as a soldier in the army of Louis XIV, became a Sergeant-Major in the artillery and an Inspector of Fortifications. He also served under the King of Portungal, before returning to France, and his appointment to the court of Louis XIV. His military engineering and mathematical background led to his position teaching mathematics at court.

His major publications were Description de L'Univers (1683) in 5 volumes, and Les Travaux de Mars ou l'Art de la Guerre (1684) in 3 volumes.

His Description de L'Universe contains a wide variety of information, including star maps, maps of the ancient and modern world, and a synopsis of the customs, religion and government of the many nations included in his text. It has been suggested that his background as a teacher led to his being concerned with entertaining his readers. This concern manifested itself in the charming harbor scenes and rural landscapes that he included beneath his description of astronomical concepts and diagrams. Mallet himself drew most of the figures that were engraved for this book.